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Nathan Cagliarini, the founder of Adapt Architecture, is passionate about the opportunity for positive environmental change through sustainable architecture


The art of sustainable living.

Sustainable living is all about adaptation - a transformative spirit where focus and flexibility unite to unlock the potential of every site and space; and that's exactly what drives our passionate architecture studio.


It's not enough for us to design a space that just meets a purpose. We're not only thinking about catering to the right number of rooms, or how furniture is arranged and fit on the outdoor deck.  For us, it's important to rethink the role these spaces have in our lives. So, when we create something for you, we design it with the honesty, intimacy and the environmental integrity that will see it stand the test of time.


Our service philosophy follows a human to human approach. Our transparent process sees us working with you and your ideas, tailoring a design to suit your personality and individual taste, where attention to detail is paid right down to the doorknobs.


Established in 2010 by Nathan Cagliarini, we draw on a wealth of knowledge to create comfortable and energy efficient design and building alternatives, where we have extensive experience in residential, retail and commercial architecture across metropolitan Melbourne and surrounding regions. 

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