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  • Do I need a planning permit?
    Each property is allocated a planning zone and planning overlays outlining policy that determines if planning permission is needed. We will establish whether or not you require planning permission from our earliest consultations.
  • Do I need a building permit?
    Whether or not planning permission is required, the majority of building works, no matter how insignificant, require a building permit prior to the commencement of work. If the structure of your building will be altered this is a good indication a building permit is needed. This includes eco friendly building designs and alterations. We will advise whether or not a building permit is required from our earliest consultations.
  • How much do Architectural services cost?
    Fee structures may differ from one Architect to another, however all are normally based on either a percentage of construction costs, hourly rate, or a fixed fee. Our preferred structure is a fixed fee based on the size and complexity of a project. We are confident in our sustainable home design process and believe this helps you establish your projected budget from the outset.
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