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The architecture and building journey.

We are driven by holistic architecture and design to offer sustainable and energy efficient buildings and homes for our clients … and it starts with collaboration.

Our process encourages conversation and connection, where we work with you to bring your vision to life.

Home Concept Design, House Design Brief
Feasability Assessment


The success of your project rests upon a balance between aspiration and possibility. Following a thorough analysis, we determine a site’s potential, by considering factors like location, budget, building technology, energy efficiency and associated constraints, you can be empowered to make informed choices.    

Concept Design


The design brief is crucial to the success of a project. It’s the first step in collaboration between client and architect, and it’s where all the important questions get explored. Your answers pave the way for us to transform thoughts into tangible outcomes. 


Through concept design we create a vision of your idea on paper. It begins with raw sketches and perspective views, and through collaboration and interpretation, we clarify building aesthetics, energy efficiency measures, features, and more. Before you know it, floor plans and elevations have been developed giving you a clear picture of the end solution.

Home Concept Design, House Design Brief


Some projects require planning permission from the local council – we can help. With broad experience dealing with local and regional councils and comprehensive knowledge of regulatory and sustainable design requirements, we’ll guide you throughout the entire process from the very first consultation.

Town Planning
Interior Design


Our interior design service merges the efficient and functional use of space with an understanding of aesthetics, colour, lighting and materials.

We look at form and function which translates to colour and lighting, cabinet designs and flooring, all the fine details that make a space unique. We create cohesion and consistency from the outside in, focusing on furnishings, fixtures and finishes to bring your interior to life.

Building Permit Documentation

WORKING DRAWINGS (Building Permit Documentation)

Working drawings are the detailed set of technical drawings and schedules produced to tender your project, obtain your building permit, form the basis of your construction contract, and instruct your builder, suppliers and subcontractors on costs, constructs and components to get the job done.

Contract Administration


During construction your builder supervises and coordinates the building works. We can administer the contract between you and your builder, making us an independent go-between. This stage typically involves: assessing the quality of work and ensuring contract and specifications are delivered as documented, keeping you informed on when key decisions need to be made, addressing budgetary changes or time delays, assessing and certifying progress claims, identifying defects or issues, and advising on completion.

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