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The reshuffling of spaces and a modest living room addition was all that this family home needed to improve thermal performance, natural light and optimise living conditions.


The living room takes advantage of the northerly aspect and links with the original family room via a wide opening sliding door, providing versatility to combine the spaces as desired.

North facing clerestory windows naturally light and ventilate the living area. The polished concrete floors act as a thermal bank moderating day and night temperatures


The isolated central living space (commonly known as ‘the wide passageway’) was reinvented as bathroom, study and linking hallway. East - west windows and hallway skylights enhance natural light and new underfloor insulation optimise inside temperatures.


  • Raked cathedral ceilings with north clerestory windows

  • Polished concrete thermal mass floors

  • Integrated cabinetry 

  • Solar control shade awning

  • Recycled brickwork

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