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How materials may be reused, recycled, upcycled, reinvented, or adaptively reused and more importantly, where, when, how and why they are disposed of, are central tenets of sustainable design. It takes great foresight to consider how a material may be repurposed across the lifespan of a home. The significance of material selection as paramount to sustainable architecture cannot be underestimated

Our client’s, both creative professionals, brought an artistic touch to the home’s design brief, endeavours and execution. With a love for their property on the edge of the Merri Creek green wedge, they envisioned expanding their family home, while improving the home's sustainability and enery efficiency.  


A priority was to maintain and improve the views of this remarkably tree filled suburban setting, so that the landscape could be enjoyed from within the home. The final design outcome is undoubtedly a testament to their vision, character and tenacity


  • 9000L rain water tank 

  • Solar power system

  • Gas boosted solar hot water 

  • Weathertight, high performance insulated walls, floors and ceilings/roofs 

  • Tilt and turn double glazed timber framed windows and doors

  • FSC certified plantation hardwood floors

  • Water based wood floor sealer and finish

  • Low maintenance Colorbond wall and roof cladding 

  • Recycled timber batten shade screens and pergolas

  • Upcycled vintage timber furniture and cabinets

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